Hi, there, recently I have found that one can do many things with their spare time, and this solving the problem of what to do when you’re bored.

What can you do?

Firstly there are some pretty easy ones which are: read a book, watch tv or look over some old textbooks.

However this doesn’t always work if you’ve already tried them or can’t access them. So here’s my solution.

Try and do some house work. You don’t have to think about cleaning you just do it. I like to clean a little when I have nothing better to do so at least I’m moving. Which you could say counts as my excercise too.

What is there to clean?

Well, you could always wash the dishes. Remember you don’t want to have any uninvited guests like mice or cockroaches coming round at night to say hello. If you live in your parents home you could be a real help just by cleaning up the dishes. It’s also nice to start cooking with a clean basin so there is more room.

What if you don’t feel like cleaning?

For me, I have quite the number of plants thriving at home, if I want to do something happy and super chill. I water my plants. Or propagate them. Keeping your plants super cool will do wonders for the environment and make you smile too. Plants improve the air quality in a room by taking out the toxins in the air. Plants can keep our planet cool, solving the crisis of extreme global warming.

Going with the more environmentally friendly trend you can also try and go for a nice walk in nature. Go to the park or the woods and observe how beautifully the birds sing and flowers bloom. And to b honest you do this when it is raining as well. Never mind getting wet. It’s fresh water given by Mother Nature to water the earth.

Those are some ideas to answer the question.”what to do when you’re bored”